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Where can I find more information about my accommodation?

Specific information can be found at the accommodation description. 

How do I know the maximum amount of people for my holiday home?
For each accommodation the maximum amount of people is indicated. It is not allowed to stay in the accommodation with more people than España Casas is informed about and with more people than accepted by España Casas while making the booking. People that want to spend the winter in the accommodation will have to indicate this beforehand. 

Who is responsible for the final cleaning?
The final cleaning is taken care of by the accommodation managers of España Casas. The (mandatory) costs for the final cleaning are indicated in the accommodation descriptions. 

Are bed and bath linen included in the rental price?
Kitchen, bed and bath linen are included in the rental price. We advise our guests to bring a beach towel themselves to use at the swimming pool or at the beach. The same goes for the bedding for baby cots. 

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes, you will have to pay a deposit of € 200,-. This deposit will be refunded to you within 8 days after departure. Possible costs for damage will be deducted from the refunded deposit. 

Can I bring my cat or dog?
You are not allowed to bring any pets, unless you come to another agreement with us, which was approved on by the lessor. 

Key handover
Regarding the key handover we request you to contact the manager of your accommodation through email or telephone 5 days before departure. They have been informed about your booking today. 

The accommodation manager will show you around in order to inform you about the appliances, and then your holiday is ready to start. In case you have urgent questions, the manager will be there for you. Naturally, the manager will also take care of an information folder including important telephone numbers. 

When do I have to leave the accommodation?
Every day of departure is also a day of arrival. Guests need to leave the accommodation before 11am. Then the accommodation will be cleaned for the next guests. This is why a late departure is not an option. You will find more information in your travel documents. 

At what time do I need to arrive at my holiday home?
Every day of arrival is also a day of departure. Guests are able to arrive between 4 pm and 6 pm. You will find more information in your travel documents. In case you would like to arrive earlier or later, please discuss this with the accommodation manager. It may be an option! 

What to do with a complaint?
In case a complaint comes up during your stay, please inform the manager about it in order for the problem to be solved right away. The manager is your contact during your stay. 

Make a booking and how do I make a booking with España Casas?
It is easy to book an accommodation in no time through our website. Have you already found the perfect accommodation for you? The accommodation description menu allows you to indicate several options: the desired arrival and departure date, the amount of people etc. This page also allows you to request for information and make a booking. 

What happens after I have booked an accommodation?
You have booked an accommodation via our website. We will send the travel documents to your email address as soon as possible. After our confirmation, your booking is definite. After you have made a down payment, we will send you a confirmation of your payment. Your travel documents include the invoice, a route description, road maps, information on and touristic tips for your destination. 

Can I take an option on an accommodation?
Did you find a good accommodation but do you need to discuss it with your travel companions first? You are able to take an option on the accommodation via email. We will hold this accommodation for you for a period of 3 days. 

How does the rental price break down?
The rental price breaks down in: the costs for the rental period of the accommodation, the booking costs, optional costs such as a welcome pack, baby cot and baby chair, mandatory costs for the final cleaning (€50,- to €85,-) and the mandatory deposit (€ 200,-). 

How do I pay the rental price?
After you have made your booking, you will receive your booking confirmation and invoice via email. The specified rental price is mentioned on your invoice. 

The total rental price can be paid in 2 terms:
A down payment of 30%of the rental price has to be made first. The rest of the rental price including the deposit has to be paid at least 60 days before the rental period starts. In case you make the booking within 8 weeks before the rental period starts, the entire rental price has to be paid at once. In case your payment is not done in time, the booking may be cancelled. 

When do I make the down payment?
The down payment (30% of the rental price) has to be made within 5 days after the invoice date. 

What is the bank account number of España Casa?
The correct bank account number can be found on the invoice, sent to you after the booking is made. 

Am I able to cancel a booking?
Yes. You are allowed to cancel your booking in writing. Please check our general terms and conditions before doing so. 

How do I inform you about a change of the reservation?
You are able to inform us about any changes of your reservation through email: Please note: many changes will cause extra costs for you. Not every change request can be approved on. 

Are there any other extra costs?
All costs are listed in the accommodation description. Extra costs (also see: How does the rental price break down?) depend on the desired facilities, for instance rental of bed and bath linen and/or a baby chair. Your desired facilities can be indicated while making the booking. Extra costs are also mentioned on your booking confirmation and your travel documents. 

Insurances and liability. Do I need to take out cancellation insurance?
We advise you to take out cancellation insurance with your insurance agent. 

Who is to be held responsible for damage?
You are obliged to treat the holiday accommodation and inventory with utmost care. You have to leave the accommodation in clean condition upon departure. De lessor is not responsible for decrease in value of and/or damage to your belongings caused by defects of the house or by improper usage of the accommodation. 

In case of damage to the accommodation and/or gross negligence by you, the damage costs will be deducted from the deposit. If anything breaks, is damaged, or is lost, you have to inform the accommodation manager right away, and you must compensate for the damage costs. 

In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.