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Extra Services

Our services in order to offer you a relaxed holiday

We are able to provide you with various services upon arrival and during your holiday in order to make your holiday as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Easy does it, especially during your holiday. 

Transfer service
In case you would like to benefit from our transfer service, one of our staff members will await you at the arivall hall, and take you from Alicante or Murcia airport to your holiday accommodation. 

The price for this transfer from Alicante or Murcia to your holiday accommodation is €40,- for a one-way trip. In case you are seriously delayed, more than an hour, please give us a call to inform us about your delay. For reservations, contact:

If you want to benefit from our transfer service, you can also decide to rent a car during your holiday for one week or longer. We can have the rental car dropped off at your holiday destination. This will cost you an additional € 15,-. On the day of departure you can drive the car to the airport and deliver it to one of our staff members. Using our transfer service to the airport again is also possible of course. In case you would like to combine car rental and transfer, we recommend you to book the rental car in time, for rental cars may already be rented out during the high season. 

Welcome and key handover
We welcome you and hand the key over to you personally. Upon arrival we will provide you with some useful tips about the close area, and tell you where to find everything including fresh baguettes, the nearest supermarket, the rubbish drop off and the nearest beaches. 

Welcome pack or shopping
In case you arrive late at night, we can arrange a welcome pack of € 25,- that will help you through your first day and the next morning in your holiday accommodation. So there is one less thing to worry about after an exhausting journey. If you would like to benefit from this service, please make sure to mention it in time. 

There are many other things to take into account during your stay. Hopefully you will not need it, however we want to let you know that we can inform you about the nearest medical facilities in case of medical problems such as ear infections. For more information and telephone numbers check the information guide in your holiday accommodation. In case you were forced to report theft or loss we can organise an interpreter for you to help you with the report.